Machine Learning Engineer / Developer

Toronto, ON

Job Summary

  • A mastery of relational databases , scaling, and either R or Python (Python preferred) .

  • Extensive MySQL experience (preferred).

  • Experience in AWS , Postgres (Redshift)/Lambda, Java, and the Hadoop ecosystem.

  • Have experience working with BI best practices (ETL, Big Data, dimensional modelling, NLP) to enable machine learning.

  • Extensive knowledge of database query languages, database design, planning and optimizing queries.

Responsibilities and Duties

Critical Requirement: communication, strategic/leadership achievement and technical accomplishment

  • Ability to lead and work with a team to develop guidelines and standards for cataloging and maintaining data repositories.

  • Ability provide direction for data engineering

  • Ability to determine the right tools for the right jobs.

  • Ability to create data analysis pipelines to generate data and insight to power decision making.

  • Ability to design code and define roadmaps.

How about this?:

  • Passionately and obsessively seek learning.

  • Enjoy solving complex, unique problems using tried and tested patterns.

  • Live and breathe reliability, scalability, and performance.

  • Can be autonomous and self-driven.

  • Must have team lead experience.

  • Must understand " re-use what you can, but build what you need to ".

  • Embrace constraints because they challenge your curiosity, creativity, and determination.

Qualifications and Skills

Other Skills :

  • Machine Learning (including AI)

  • Python

  • SciKit

  • Caffe & Caffe 2

  • NLTK

  • Tensorflow


  • N CNTK

  • PyTorch

Application Perspective:

  • NLP

  • Text

  • Autonomous Learning

Education :

  • BSc (must have)

  • MSc or PhD (preferred)

Reference ID: 411434755c68

Date Posted: 11/22/2017

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