Let's face it, search is an industry that was once valued as a key strategic partner; now plagued by inexperience, misrepresentation, and an increased focus on high volume and low quality ... it's frustrating. Why us? We know that a poor higher will leave within the first 6 to 12 months, costing the organization between 5-20x the first year salary to replace, and costing the recruiter time and reputation. That's not the way to run a sustainable business. We pride ourselves on a 98.25% retention rate in our 20+ yrs. Let's Discuss what how we can help your organization.


We work with your team to relieve the pain points. How? Simply put, we do the heavy lifting, we create the short-list of candidates and present your team with only the best of those candidates. No more wasting time interviewing more people who look great on paper but don't have the skills stated? We ensure that the candidates presented are ones that: 

  1. Fit your culture
  2. Have the right personality
  3. Have the right technical skills

Your managers need to focus on what they do best, let us focus on what we do best. Let us take care of the talent acquisition for you. Why?


At Brainwerx Group we're passionate about what we do. We won't tell you all about our business; we want to know about yours. We're interested in your business, learning about what's made your business successful. By listening to you about these things we gain an understanding of the type of person you're looking for from a personality fit perspective. The soft skill fit is always the hardest part, that's only understood by talking to you. You never know, we may even help with problems that you may not have realized existed - that’s because we listen.